Pinnies Galore!

About 20 years ago, my new husband and I spent time together antiquing. As an avid collector himself, he was eager to show me the ropes. The problem was I wasn't too interested in collecting anything so our trips were a tad boring for me. I decided to just choose something, so I chose enameled circle pins. The hunt for those was fun for a little while. Fast-forward to a time when my Mother In-Law came for a visit and joined us on our quest. We went to one of those giant antique malls and I kept going back to a cabinet full of vintage Japanese head vases. I could not explain the attraction. They were a tad kitschy, impractical and on the expensive side! Regardless, my Mother In-Law told me "if they speak to you, then you must buy one" so I did. I gathered a few more over the years and I think I have 5 or 6 now but I'm not adding to the collection anymore, but I still love to look.

I also had a milk glass collection, but the size of some of the pieces were hard to store, so now I look for smaller pieces. Speaking of smaller pieces, egg cups also joined my merry band of pinnies.

Now I'm drawn to vintage Japanese planters, which are usually much less expensive than the head vases. My practical side won out when I decided I couldn't just collect the little darlings, so now I upcycle them into cute little pincushions. I also Here's a few of them (I'm not sure why the photos are so giant!):

The little Southern Belle girl I call a "Pintushion" 🙂
I may change out the Beefeater's fabric to Liberty.
If you would like to see all of them so far, here's my Etsy shop where they can also be purchased: Iquiltsewwhat shop

Thanks for looking!


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