Elephant and I Quilt

My little great niece arrived last month and her debut just warms my great auntie heart to no end. Her daddy is a very good guy and I’m loving seeing my nephew fall head over heels in complete love for his baby girl. My niece in-law is a radiant, beautiful and devoted mommy who enjoys nature. They decided on a fun elephant theme for the nursery. Not too girlie, not at all pink. 

The Elephant and I pattern by Jennifer Sampou was just the ticket!

I thought the paper-pieced elephant and girl would look beautiful in batiks. The problem was, I didn’t have the first batik in my stash. For the variety I wanted, I’d have to spend a rather large amount buying at least fat quarters in each color. I shopped for scrap bags on Etsy, but I didn’t think that was the right approach either. So, I put a post up on my Instagram feed asking if anyone had bright batiks they wanted to get rid of, and boy, did the quilty IG community deliver!

I had more than enough! Here’s the paper pieced appliqués:

Exactly what I wanted! But the girl looked a little funny at first. 

Do you see what I see? A frowning fish. That wouldn’t do! So I swapped out her head piece and then all was fine. 

I sewed up the top and then sewed on the appliqués with a blanket stitch…twice, since I didn’t realize I had sewn it using the blanket stitch the wrong way. 

And yes, it was the elephant and not the girl, and I had sewn the entire elephant on.  😳

But…I moved on and finally finished it all. I rented longarm time at Going Batty quilt shop in Reno. I’m so grateful for the help Jami gave me there. (Will I ever remember the right way to load?) I quilted in my neice’s name and a couple of other words. 

I bound it with a neutral scrappy binding and washed it. Off to the new tiny owner later today. I only wish I could be there when they open it. 

And just in case you wanted to see her…

(Photograph by Swoonbeam in Wi. What a great name:)

There she is. So wonderful. One of God’s recent miracles. We are all in love. 


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