Swap Virgin, part II

In case you want more. Read on. My apologies for duplicate info, rambling sentences and the like. This pertains to a recent swap I posted called “Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt Swap” on Instagram. Some people have had “how to” questions. Read below and perhaps the other Swap Virgin post. I’m also providing links to other people’s prettier, more involved swap below posts because I know how un-blogger and un-glamorous this post is. Hope you still find info that’s helpful, though.

Instagram (aka “IG”) swaps are very easy to participate. Basically you go to the host’s profile information via touching their IG name. In this case @iquiltsewwhat and you will see a blue link to click on which will bring you to Google Forms. You simply fill the form in. The form has several questions to answer and you will need to provide pertinent info (required) such as your real name, mailing address and email address. This will allow your partner to send their side of the swap to you when we mail out.
You will be matched up to a partner. This is an “open” swap, which means you and your partner will know who each other are. There are sometimes “secret” swaps, where you would be assigned a partner but they don’t know who you are. Then you “stalk”, which means look through their IG feed every now and then, to get to know a little more about them.
You will also see photos participants post of “inspiration collages” or similarly names photos that will give partners an idea of their taste. For example, I might like cowboys, so I’d look for cowboy fabric online, convert it into a picture, and then post it on my feed. There are apps that will allow you to easily make a collage on your smart phone if you have one. If not, I believe there are some online ones you can use.
The swap will have a unique hashtag (#) that will allow participants (or curious followers) to take a look at what’s going on with the swap. Ours is #homesweethomeminiswap  Once you join, you may want to search that # on IG occasionally to see what’s new or if there are any updates. If you post anything pertinent to the swap you think others need to, or would enjoy seeing, use the #homesweethomeminiswap when you post the picture and the others will see when they do the #homesweethomeminiswap search.
You will reach out to your partner, and your partner will reach out to you either on IG or via email. Everyone in the swap will not know your address or email. Just me, a swap mama and your partner.
Which brings me to swap mamas. SM’s are participants who agree to help manage groups of participants.
Swap angels are participants who sew extra items, in this case another or more if they want, so if someone gets “orphaned” then they will still receive a mini quilt. Orphaned means their partner flakes out or life happens and they aren’t able to finish out the swap with something sewn.
As far as what the swap will contain, you will make one mini quilt and then we will have “extras”. Extras are just that. Extra things that you decide your partner will like. Sometimes they are listed (FQ of fabric, sewing notion, treat, etc). For this one I am still working on the extras list.
Participants cover all costs involved for their end of the swap. And you need to indicate whether or not you want to ship overseas.
I know Fickr sees a lot of swap action too, but I feel like IG is more interactive and easier personally.
I hope that covers your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask if it doesn’t. Again, swap masters…leave comments that might help.
See these blog posts from others for more info on swaps:

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