Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram



Well, come on in the front door and let’s have a cuppa whatever and talk about this swap. I explained the reason behind this swap in a former post. We bought a new home! We are moving in no less than 72 hours! And right now I should be organizing to move. Seriously. I should be. The packers are coming tomorrow and it looks like I intend on staying put. But you, my mini house lovers want more info, so here it is!

But first I gotta tell you about how it started. When I started quilting in earnest I couldn’t get enough of little house quilts. I just love them. There’s just no place like home. So cute. I am one of those people that love houses. I love the soft, yellow glow of light coming through the windows of houses at night when I see them from the outside. I secretly (well I guess not anymore!) love driving by houses and night and looking through windows. Not in a strange way…you know, you really feel the need to explain something like this! Anyway, I love seeing little glimpses of strangers’ lives. I’ve seen the most exciting things. Once I saw a huge mural of super heroes on someone’s wall in New Orleans. Other times I was driving with my friend and daughter and we saw a couple stringing lit lights on their Christmas tree just inside their cute little paned window. It was a moment! All three of us were lit up with glee and joy! I’ve seen parties. People doing dishes. People hunkered over their tables. Kids playing with toys. Lots of dogs looking out. Cats sitting on backs of sofas not giving one hoot about anything. You know…LIFE. I just can’t get enough of it. I like the good stuff. But seriously, I am no Peeping Tomasina. I don’t hang around to see what’s next, or hope to see something that’s not meant for me. Just a glimpse of good old fashioned living. Pretty interiors. Paint colors. Lamps (I’ve seen my share of “major award” lamps, and you people who have those make me giggle every time, A Christmas Story fans!). But enough of this. I like houses.

So I’m in bed the night I posted the swap. It was already late. I had no intention of starting a swap. But there I was, under my covers, relaxing with a quilting magazine, dreaming of our soon-to-come new home. We chose the lot and the floor plan 9 months ago (almost like having a baby) and now we’ve signed our names until we are bleary-eyed, chosen tile, floors, paint, appliances and on and on. Oh, and how could I forget! Window coverings! I don’t want anyone looking in my windows for Pete’s sake! And then the idea popped into my head: A mini house quilt swap! I got out of bed, created my form after I figured out how, and posted it on Instagram it was born at 2 a.m., PST. I went back to bed and woke up four hours later to see that you were in! And quite a few of you!

So here we are.


  • Swap signup closes 4/20 Sign up on my instagram @quiltsewwhat profile page by clicking on the link.
  • Shipping date 9/9
  • Open swap, which means you will know who your partner is
  • email about partner assignments coming 4/26
  • You and your partner will be assigned to the same team, which will have a swap mama helping out
  • tag: #homesweethomeminiswap. Check it periodically for updates and to see what fun inspiration collages people are making!
  • Sweet Camille Roskelley has extended a 30% discount on her MINI Dwell PDF pattern through May 1. Use code SEWWHAT30 at checkout. This brings the price to under $5! Now that’s something to write home about! (please note the discount does not apply to the paper version) Thank you Camille! #thankyouthimbleblossoms !!!


The Swap will include:

  • One mini quilt. The exact size will be between you and your partner. The quilt will be finished, binding and all.
  • you decide the extras but please include at least two!

Extras could be things that are “house themed” but keep in mind your shipping costs! I’d keep it small if I were you. And something that will pack well and easily with your quilt.  I think partners are most interested in receiving a mini quilt that you’ve put your talents to use in, but feel free to stalk your partner’s feed to see what they like. Maybe they paint, too and you find a cool paintbrush. Or maybe they love llamas and you just found the perfect llama-printed novelty fabric and you share a FQ. Maybe they are always ranting about their fingers getting poked so you find a great thimble. Maybe they love charm packs and you have one you know they’d love. Really all this is up to you.

Make it fun. Make it stress-free. Just make it!

I think that wraps it up until emailing time. I’m seriously going to organize my move now. Wish me well. Until then, piece out, quilters! I’ll catch up with you soon.

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