Home Sweet New Home

Well, we’ve gone and done it! We bought a house! It feels like we’ve been buying this house since August, when we found the lot, chose the floor plan and then changed the floor plan, chose cabinets, floors, doors, etc, etc, etc. There were so many decisions to make I was actually surprised I didn’t have to choose the type of doorbell I wanted (and I would have liked to, but I’m content). We are finally ready to move in next week with all of our stuff.

new house

So, to celebrate, I’m hosting my first swap, which is the Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram, #homesweethomeminiswap if you want to search and join! It will include one mini house quilt and some other goodies. I’m not clarifying until after I get some sleep. You understand, I’m sure, fellow late night bloggers and quilters. But hurry up and sign up. It’s open til Monday, April 20 to get your form filled out. Or 100 swappers. Whatever comes first.

I’m excited. I love my “Gram Fam” and can’t wait to get started. And this is another diversion from the unending tasks at hand (packing, cleaning, planning, organizing, eating, sleeping, cooking etc and so on)

toll door

So help me celebrate! Sign up. You know you are a swapaholic, but don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone except your partner.


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