Star Quilt Getting Quilted!

Well, I’m just so excited today. Yesterday was Easter, which was so wonderful because it meant I could ship of my quilt! Whaaaa? Yep, that’s right. You see, my dining room is my makeshift sewing studio until we move into our new house, where I will have my very own sewing alcove. I mean it, y’all, a real place for me to set up my sewing machine, unpack my fabrics, and leave it! Anyway, I had to clear off the table because there were 11 people gonna be chowin’ down for Easter. This caused me to take care of things that had been sitting around on the table, including my quilt top and backing.

easter table

I filled out my request for Crinkle Love to quilt my Stars over Iowa quilt, which I sewed from Sherri McConnell’s Fresh Family Traditions book. I took a long arm class. Not for me…yet. Plus I didn’t want to try out all my newbie skills on a quilt top I spent a good amount of time making.

fresh family traditions book

I read this book from cover to cover (minus instructions) when I first got it. I love that her patterns are from quilts that are important to her family quilting heritage.

So, I was inspired and sewed up my very own. Sherri McConnell used Amy Butler fabrics in hers. I used, well, everything but the kitchen sink. I had fabric I’d ordered from Etsy that was either knock off or real Cath Kidson, WalMart Fabric, Tanya Whelan, and I’m not sure what else but I wanted that Shabby Chic look that I love but have nothing in my house in that style.

stars quilt1

I made the quilt for myself because first, I love quilts, and second, because I’m a little bit Princess and the Pea when I sleep. I love my husband bunches, so we sleep in the same bed. But when I get into bed first and I’m all comfy cozy, then he pops in, there is a draft that comes along with him that makes me very uncomfortable. Then I have to readjust everything. Then he moves. Then I have to readjust.

stars quilt

My sister in-law is a genius. You might think this is a sudden change of topic, but it relates. Read on, friend. We visited her a few years ago and she graciously gave us her entire home to sleep in while she and her husband went to their second home. So we got to sleep in her bed, which had two separate duvets, his and hers. Best night’s sleep!

So, I’m making this cottag-y quilted, cozy and all mine quilt to put on me at night. Hubby can create drafts all he wants to. I will have my Stars over Nevada quilt!

stars quilt2

So, thank you Easter Bunny for helping me box up and ship off my quilt. It left today and I am feeling quite accomplished!

Thanks for dropping by. Piece out!

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