Modern Bee…Please Help Mee

I’m new to this online world of connecting with others who share the same interests as I do. And to be honest, I’m a little confused. Add to the confusion the overwhelming internet world and there you have it-a morning filled with trying to figure out Flickr, then off to read a blog about a fabric swap, the oooh, look at that quilt, followed by, aw, that’s a cute puppy, then, sigh, I wish my paper piecing was as nice as that and I’ll get to it someday but first let me check my bank balance, which leads me to check email and then oh, there’s a fabric sale, all the while having a the photo stream from Instagram replaying in my head (lovely quilts, I must say!) In the meantime I haven’t learned one thing about how to participate in a fabric swap or online quilting bee. Can anyone else relate to this stream of activity in front of a computer screen?

I have found a book that promises hope in figuring this all out called Modern Bee by Lindsay Conner.


So far so good. I’m on page 13. 🙂 I landed on Flickr…which lead to my chaotic online morning. I shall press on though, but if you have great tips for quilting bees, I’d love to hear them!

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