The Art School Quilt

P.S. (consider this one a “pre” instead of “post” script). Some of the pictures are overexposed. I appreciate your forgiveness in advance.

And now on to the Art School Quilt:

artschoolquilt2When you get a high school graduation invitation in the mail for the daughter of a dear friend, what do you do? If you just bought a new sewing machine and you’ve fallen in love with fabric, you plan on sewing a quilt. If the said daughter will be attending art school it has to be colorful, right?!   


I decided to look around my growing fabric stash and found beautiful fabrics from Amy Butler’s Belle line. I visited a terrific fabric shop (sadly-it has closed since but happily-I stocked my fabric stash with their clearance sale). Then I spotted the Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I just knew the backing would be coming off of one of those bolts of Fassett’s Millefiore.


This was no inexpensive venture, but this dear girl is worth every penny and then some, so off to the cutting table I went!


I used a double slice layer cake from Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial for the quilt top. I found a tutorial for a border on Pinterest and then also checked out binding info too.


The very helpful (and experienced) man at the cutting table suggested I follow the circles on the backing for my quilting and that’s exactly what I did.


Off to the PO it went, with wishes for her to cuddle with it, study with it, fall in love on it, read a book on it, eat a picnic on it and so on and on. On her thank you note she said she’d make a fort with it! I hadn’t thought of that one!


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